piece [pēs]
[ME pece < OFr < ML * pettia < Celt * pett- > Welsh peth, part, Bret pez, piece]
1. a part or fragment broken or separated from the whole
2. a section, division, or quantity regarded as complete in itself and distinct from the whole of which it is a part
3. any single thing, amount, specimen, example, etc.; specif.,
a) an artistic work or composition, as of music, writing, painting, drama, etc.
b) an article in a magazine, newspaper, etc.
c) an action or its result [a piece of nonsense, business, etc.]
d) a small firearm, as a pistol or rifle
e) a coin or token [a fifty-cent piece]
f) one of a set or class, as of silver, china, furniture, etc.
g) a counter or man, as used in various games; specif., in chess, a chessman other than a pawn
4. the quantity or size, as of cloth or wallpaper, that is manufactured as a unit
5. an amount or unit of work constituting a single job
6. Now Chiefly Dial. an indefinite distance or duration; often, specif., a rather short one
7. Now Chiefly Dial. a person; individual
8. Slang a financial interest; share
9. Slang
a) a woman regarded as a sexual partner
b) an instance of sexual intercourse: often regarded as vulgar: also [Vulgar Slang] Slang piece of ass
pieced, piecing
1. to add a piece or pieces to, as in repairing or enlarging [to piece a pair of trousers]
2. to join or unite
[Informal or Dial.] to eat a snack between meals
go to pieces
1. to break into pieces; fall apart
2. to lose all self-control, morally or emotionally
of a piece or of one piece
of the same sort; alike; consistent (with)
piece together
to join the pieces of, as in mending
☆ speak one's piece
to vent one's views or opinions

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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